This Kashmiri Bodybuilder is Breaking Stereotypes with Sheen Dhar

The Lavender Fix with Sabreen Haziq

Aug 2 2021 • 48 mins

This episode of The Lavender Fix podcast features,  Sheen Dhar: a 1st-degree black belt and an NPC figure competitor from Kashmir, living in Georgia, Atlanta, USA.

Bodybuilding is no joke. There is A LOT of science to it. There's a stringent regime you need to stick with, with no room to falter on your diet. But let’s be honest, if you’re a woman, it comes with a lot of grime and criticism from society. In this episode, we learn more about how Sheen developed an interest in the world of bodybuilding, her family's response to her wanting to enter contests, Sheen's fitness regime to hit her extraordinary goals, and how she persevered to enter and win competitions!

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