A Chef's Journey from Haiti to the White House

The Lavender Fix with Sabreen Haziq

Mar 20 2022 • 57 mins

This episode features the former executive head chef at the White House: Sebastien Solomon! Sebastien moved to the DC area just 4 years ago. He is originally from Haiti & was raised in New Jersey. Hailing from a family with less than modest means, Sebastian’s childhood was eventful, defined by his living conditions, & he got the inspiration to cook while living with his grandmother in Haiti, who showed him how to create magic in the kitchen. Sebastian is an acclaimed personal chef who is not just widely known for being a former Executive Chef for the White House, but also a Resident Chef for the Embassy of Haiti, and most importantly, a promoter of Haiti's Gastronomy.

Tune in to hear all about Sebastian’s inspiring journey, & his awesome experience working at the White House!

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