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EP. 2 How to Build Deep Connections, With Stephanie Morris

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Aug 17 2020 • 45 mins

The First Rule to build Connection is that no matter what, everybody's video camera is turned on.

The Second Rule to build Connection is that we always really check in with each other at the beginning of the week.  What's the week ahead look like? Are we feeling okay, how was our weekend? Do we have any stories to share?

The Third Rule to build Connection is twice a week we send an email that is meant to share photos and share prompts to answer, such as, what are you looking forward to in 4-6 months?

The Fourth Rule to build Connection is on Fridays to share something that happened professionally within our organization, or something completely personal.

The Fifth Rule is to push to the forefront of the conversation the social, emotional, and mental aspects of today’s work situation. And make it a part of the conversation.

If you want productivity, offer flexibility: Trust your people and give them time to take care of themselves.

Keys to innovation when working from anywhere - Innovation comes from Happiness:  With flexibility comes happiness, energy and more creative head space.

Flexibility offers commitment across the team: With flexibility, team members make themselves available to their team members. As a result, team members are also there for the team leader.  Team members have the emotional energy and the bandwidth, because they're in this more flexible environment where they have more opportunity to breathe and take care of themselves and their families.

Podcast Introduction Audio: Show Me the Way, Vendredi

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