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EP. 49 7 Crisis Leadership Strategies from a Leader Who’s Experienced 3 Major Crises

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Jul 26 2021 • 38 mins

The tempo in our return to office plans should be much slower than it was when the pandemic started and everyone went home to work. When the pandemic started, the pace of getting employees to work from home was like running. It was a crisis. Now, a year and a half later, the crisis is still showing uncertainty. As employees begin to move back to the office, great leaders know that the way back isn’t to run. Leaders need to set a tempo that’s more like walking.

In this episode, Rob LoCascio, CEO of live person, shares with us that the greatest leaders today must be the type that set a walking pace, provide certainty and clarity, and remain authentic - even in the most challenging times.

This is the time for leaders to acknowledge that no one knows what the future holds. The best way forward is for leaders to share the truth about what they do know, rather than pretending they have everything figured out. Instead, leaders must listen to their employees to find out what their employees need in order to Team Anywhere.

Leaders Should Give Themselves a Break

Leaders can be very hard on themselves. They have had to navigate immense amounts of uncertainty without having much control over it. As humans, we tend to get angry when we feel we are losing control. The pandemic has caused leaders to feel frustrated, angry, and helpless as they try to navigate the return to office plans moving forward. The lack of ability to control the situation can be aggravating and defeating. We all get it, and we all feel it.

But at the end of the day, leaders have to give themselves a break and realize that they are doing their best. Every company is dealing with the same issues and no one has the right answer right now. Give yourself a break and focus on accepting that there are things occurring right now that you can’t control.

Walk - Don’t Run

Our natural tendency is to run, when right now, we need to walk. It is extremely important that leaders slow down and listen to what their employees are thinking, saying, or not saying. This advice is similar to the concept from the book, The First 90 Days. Inside this book, the author, Michael Watkins, recommends that new leaders spend the first 90 days at a new company just listening and not making any changes. By taking the time now to slow down and really listen to your employees--without rushing to make changes or decisions--you can get a lot of valuable information that is going to be needed when it is time to solidify a plan.

To learn more crisis leadership strategies like the tips below, see the full summary.

Be Authentically Empathetic

Make a Safe Environment For Employees

Schedule Diligently

Be Extremely Clear

Apologizing Gives You The Power to Move Forward

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