EP. 53 New Rules for Successful Hybrid Teams

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Aug 22 2021 • 36 mins

The rules have changed. What used to work for you as an employee, as a manager, or as an organization isn't going to work anymore.

Today on the podcast we have Vice President of User Experience at RingCentral, Michael Peachey. Michael has been at the forefront of Human Centered Design, especially looking at how teams collaborate from anywhere. In this episode, we explore the rules that change and your new responsibilities as an organization, a team leader, a team member.

If you're remote, or if you're on a hybrid team in the office, you need to go out of your way to connect to your team. It's always been an obligation, but it's now more crucial for you to take on that responsibility so that you can thrive as you Team Anywhere. As teams continue to evolve, follow these simple rules to help you succeed as a hybrid team.

New Rules for Successful Hybrid Teams

  • Fully Appreciate & Design Around Reality
  • Focus MORE on Strengthening Relationships
    • As a Leader:
      A leader’s main focus is getting their team members to perform at their best. And to get the most out of your people, you need to connect.  If someone is not connecting, leaders need to reach out.
    • As a Team:
      In a hybrid meeting, particularly a larger one, assign a specific person on the team in the office who is responsible for making sure the remote people are engaged. This person has the authority to interrupt and advocate for the remote employees. This keeps remote attendees connected, engaged and participating.
    • As a Team member:
      In today’s work environment, most people don’t get work done all by themselves. Most of us have to work with other people. Folks don’t necessarily love attending meetings, but well-run meetings increase engagement, collaboration, and communication.
    • As a team member, you need to recognize that you need connection for social and emotional nurturing. Work relationships are important. The people you work with are an important part of your social and emotional systems.
  • Foster a Remote-First Culture
  • Create and Follow a Strong Hybrid Meeting Etiquette

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