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EP #114 - Sam Kolbert-Hyle: Leadership Communication Tools to Increase Employee Engagement

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Oct 24 2022 • 36 mins

In today's podcast episode we interview Sam Kolbert-Hyle, President and CEO of Brandlive. Brandlive helps the world’s best brands create experiences that move people — from town hall-style internal meetings with soul to major marketing events that drive revenue. Their process takes content and transforms it in ways that present key messages in dynamic styles and formats. In this podcast, Sam shares how to increase employee engagement through videos and meetings based on good content, dynamic story-telling that inspires commitment and trust, and the creation of dramatic events for team members as they Team Anywhere.

Topics inside:

  • The Shift to Hybrid Work: A Prologue to Video Content Consumerism
  • Why Are Team Members Getting Less Engaged at Work?
  • A Deep Dive Into Sam's Company — Brandlive
  • Putting On a Very Dynamic Show For Your Team Members


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