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EP #101 - Team Anywhere Toolkit #2: Keys to Create A Working Environment of Empathy and Genuine Connection

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Jul 25 2022 • 27 mins

In this special episode of Team Anywhere, Mitch and Ginny recap lessons they have learned from previous podcast guests and well-known leadership personalities, and share insights and tools that can be immediately put to use. Dubbed as the “Team Anywhere Toolkit,” this guide provides leaders with actionable items that can truly impact their organization as they team anywhere.

In the second Team Anywhere Toolkit, Mitch and Ginny discussed the important tips to create a working environment of empathy and how to create genuine connection with team members. These actionable tips are based on their research data, leadership concepts derived from Brené Brown, Sara Noll Wilson, Marcus Buckingham and previous podcast guests.

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