EP #85: Team Anywhere Toolkit #1: Fostering A Psychologically Safe, Healthy & Human Work Environment

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Apr 4 2022 • 30 mins

In this special episode of Team Anywhere, Mitch and Ginny recap lessons they have learned from previous guests, and share insights and tools that can be immediately put to use. Dubbed as the “Team Anywhere Toolkit,” this guide provides leaders with actionable items that can truly impact their organization as they team anywhere.

As Mitch and Ginny introduce their first-ever toolkit, they reflect on the lessons shared by David Mead (Episode #78) and Jennifer Moss (Episode #79) on being honest, humble and human, and on building social and emotional health that energizes teams through meaningful events and inclusive conversations.

Topics inside:

  • The Team Anywhere Toolkit
  • Being Honest, Humble and Human
  • Listen First, Speak Later
  • What is Social Emotional Health?

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