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EP01 | Digital Transformation Shaping the New Normal (ft. SparkAmplify)
Feb 1 2023
EP01 | Digital Transformation Shaping the New Normal (ft. SparkAmplify)
Today's guest is Chien, Founder of SparkAmplify. B2B market has undergone a significant change due to the Pandemic. As a data-driven B2B marketer in the New Normal, Chien shares his insights with us in this episode as well as his journey along the way in starting his own MarTech company in the USA and Taiwan. Key Takeaways: Top 3 B2B Marketing Insights in the New Normal 1. Pre-Event Preparation: Do the necessary research to successfully engage your targeted customers before the event while extending the relationship-building process at the event in order to maximize the online and offline synergy. 2. Diverse Content Marketing:  Content marketing is more important than ever since most of the initial customer engagements will likely be digital. Repurposing a specific hero content (a video or podcast) is a good strategy for content diversification. 3. Social Selling: The social media communication channel complements traditional email/phone marketing, offering multiple touchpoints to increase engagement frequency. Furthermore, to really add fuel to your social selling process, take advantage of social mediaÔÇÖs PPC advertising option along with your customized creatives to hyper-target your audience for maximum results. Follow for more sparks!Facebook´╝Ü´╝Ü´╝Ü´╝Ü Powered by Firstory Hosting