S2E5 - Trick

Let Me Introduce You

Feb 4 2021 • 54 mins

LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRRR...and we're ready to launch into our new theme with the 1999 gay rom-com, Trick. Starring Christian Campbell (Neve Campbell's brother!) as Gabriel, a twenty-something New Yorker who hasn't quite figured out who he is (both as a person and as a gay man) as he meets smoldering go-go boy Mark, played by John Paul Pitoc, and the two try to find a place to hook up for just one night...when they're lambasted by jerkbag roommates, annoying, cock-blocking best friends (hello, Tori Spelling! In the role she was BORN TO PLAY), ex-lovers, and a drag queen with one of the BEST MONOLOGUE MOMENTS WE'VE EVER SEEN (thank you, Miss Coco Peru!). This movie is adorable and brings back a lot of NYC memories for Graham and Katie as the gang talks about what life is like in your twenties. It's a one-night showcase to bring the house down!

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