E39 - David Philpot - How AI/ML Is Creating Brains for Trains

The Analytics Show

Dec 13 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

David Philpot has data science embedded throughout his life both professionally & personally.

As data science manager at the TrainDNA project of Downer, he is currently working on keeping our trains in top-notch condition. TrainDNA can predict the likelihood of equipment failures months in advance.

Downer is a leading integrated service provider in the civil engineering industry & an ASX 100 company.

He is also running a side-project called Mapipedia, a robust visual analytics tool.

In this episode, there’s so much to take in & realize. This is really an episode where you can learn a lot.

Although from the face of it, the interview may sound very specific to trains, TrainDNA & maintaining the rolling stock assets, there’s wisdom to glean for every business that deals with industrial assets.

David really digs deep & enlightens us exactly how the massive project runs. How the data is collected, who the stakeholders are & which party gets benefited in which way.

From the discussion, you will also learn the things to consider for carrying out such platforms, being aware of the challenges & the potential savings that you can gain out of such initiative.

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