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Little Gold Men is the inside story of Hollywood, from awards shows and red-carpet premieres to the hard work and whisper campaigns that get people there. Weekly episodes feature obsessive, expert conversations about the best of television and film, with special guest appearances from stars, creators, and critics. LGM also dives deep into Oscar history, and offers insight into all the other awards that make up Hollywood’s continual dash toward glitz and glory. Share your thoughts via our Listener Survey here: For more on Little Gold Men, visit read less

Our Editor's Take

Little Gold Men by Vanity Fair is a podcast about Hollywood award shows and the media they celebrate. The hosts discuss movies, TV shows, and limited series. They try to determine which shows and films will likely win Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes. They also discuss red-carpet premieres, film festivals, and more.

All four Little Gold Men by Vanity Fair hosts work at the magazine in different roles. Katey Rich is the awards and audio editor. Rebecca Ford is the senior awards correspondent. Richard Lawson is the chief critic, and David Canfield is a staff writer. All four podcast hosts are passionate and knowledgeable about film and television.

Some episodes of Little Gold Men by Vanity Fair compile the best TV or movies of a given year. Themes can vary based on the proximity to awards seasons. Then the focus narrows to making predictions of nominees and winners. They also do "morning after" podcast episodes following awards nights. They talk about who won Best Picture and who should have. Sometimes an episode is about a significant event in Oscar history. Karina Longworth, host of the podcast You Must Remember This, appears as a guest on one episode. She talks about the cultural impact Hollywood expected the film Thelma & Louise to have. Many episodes feature interviews with critics, creators, and actors. Sometimes, shows focus on ongoing issues, like social media problems.

In one episode, movie director Kelly Fremon Craig discusses adapting a classic. She also shares embarrassing stories about her adolescence. In another, Betty Gilpin talks about how being an actor and a mother has changed how she asserts herself.

The podcast hosts think about Oscar nominations and other awards all year. Their analysis makes Little Gold Men by Vanity Fair a fun listen for TV and movie fans.

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