STR Virtual Symposium: How to Do Impactful and Relevant Research

STR Strategic Management Division Podcast [AOM]

Apr 29 2024 • 1 hr 13 mins

Business School leaders, students and funders increasingly demand research that is clearly relevant to practice and policy. Relevance matters to most of us as well, so long as we can combine it with appropriate rigour.

This virtual symposium will bring together four leading scholars who have consistently pulled off this double challenge of rigour and relevance, together with a discerning and engaged representative of practice:

Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School)

Rudi Durand (HEC Paris)

Paula Jarzabkowski (University of Queensland)

Joe Mahoney (University of Illinois)

Martin Reeves (Henderson Institute, Boston Consulting Group)

Chair: Richard Whittington (University of Oxford).

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