Chronicles Q&A #12

Serie A Chronicles

Dec 17 2021 • 39 mins

Get your questions in for Mina and Nicky for the Serie A Chronicles Q&A show. Each week we answer your questions tweeted to us at @serieAchronpod using the hashtag #ChroniclesQandA. This week's questions: Is Serie A losing its identity with almost every team playing high-press attacking football OR is this the best way forward? -Bully Maguire (New Delhi) I have been asking people this question for years. If y’all can answer on the next pod. Why do people undervalue Serie A? The answer I commonly get is that it's slow and boring. I understand it's not what it used to be but every league has ups and downs yet Serie A gets more hate. -Inder Mann (Brooklyn) Considering Giovanni Simeone’s current form, will he finally find himself a home in Serie A following his loan spell at Hellas and where do you think he will end up?  -Inter Dave (Hamilton, Canada) Can you let us know in your next Q&A pod what's happened to Juventus's defence this season and what needs to happen for them to stop leaking goals? Did Max Allegri simply inherit a well drilled defence from Antonio Conte and ride its coat tails for five years during his first stint at the club? -Eoumangios ****** This episode is sponsored by Calido Media. Talk to the team to discuss your digital strategy to fire up your business, connect to your ideal audience, and communicate your message: calidomedia.com.au We recommend: Riverside.fm online podcast recording studio: We record all audio & video with Riverside. WPX web hosting: 30 seconds support response time 24/7/365 with FREE unlimited website migration and the best hosting infrastructure for the fastest speeds. ****** Tweet us your questions to @serieAchronpod with the hashtag #ChroniclesQandA for our ChroniclesQ&A mailbag show. Links: serieachronicles.com, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Please give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Serie A Chronicles is a Media Chronicles production. Digital content and social media by Calido Media. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices