Episode 65- Wrestling with Men's Health Part 1: Anabolic Steroid Misuse and Abuse with guest Dan Behan

Men's Health Unscripted

Jan 18 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Dan Behan from Episode 58 is back on the show but in a much more light hearted way. You may know him from Episode 58 where he shares his expereinces in battling cancer. Dan was introduced to the show by Joe Foarile, both men bonded in their battle with cancer at the Sloan Kettering institute and we are fortunate to have him on for antoher round, but with a twist. Dan and Patrick are die hard wrestling fans and its pretty much unavoidable to get them together without discussing some good ole rasslin. However, we do it with purpose here at Men's Health Unscripted, there is actually a lot of men's health or lack there of in the sport of Pro Wrestling. Dan and Patrick are breaking some of these components down in wrestling because its relatable and we believe with a frame of reference this topic can be easily digestable. This is a little off our typical format but we feel its informative and we had a lot of fun preparing and recording.

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