The Six Shooter |

Andrew Rhynes

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Our Editor's Take

The Six Shooter | is a podcast version of the old radio serial of the same name. The host of the show is Andrew Rhynes. His website offers a collection of Western radio shows from the golden era.

Radio serials were a popular format in the 1940s and 1950s. In later years, they started losing audiences to television. NBC created The Six Shooter to attract listeners and cast Hollywood stars to play the characters. The podcast commemorates an iconic era for radio. Jimmy Stewart plays Britt Ponset, a cowboy who wanders the Wild West. During his travels, he has wild adventures and meets various people. In "Hiram's Gold Strike," a prospector finds gold after decades of searching. His discovery attracts people of all sorts, some less desirable than others. "Silver Annie" is about an old woman who refuses to sell her land so the railway can come through town. Britt tries to convince her to change her mind. In "A Pressing Engagement," Britt discovers he's engaged to get married, but no one bothered to let him know.

The Six Shooter includes plenty of drama-filled episodes. In "Red Lawson's Revenge," someone is looking for retribution for the loss of his brother. He's out to kill Britt's friend Dan, and Britt needs to stop him. In "Ben Scofield," a sheriff is reluctant to pursue a robber because he thinks the criminal might be his son. Britt has to convince him to do the right thing. "A Friend In Need" is about Britt's encounter with an outlaw in a canyon. Will they kill each other or talk it out?

The Six Shooter only lasted one season. Yet the stellar performances of its actors make it one of the best old radio shows. The format allows for unusual comedic situations, which the creators exploited to their fullest. Fans of old-time radio may appreciate The Six Shooter | It brings a treasure back into the world.

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