How to Pay Your Coaches More (Without Losing Money)

Run a Profitable Gym

Nov 22 2021 • 15 mins

You want your coaches to make a good living at your gym. But how can you pay them more without hurting your bottom line?

It's not about giving staff a bigger piece of the pie, Chris Cooper says. It's about baking a bigger pie.

Here's how to do it.


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2:31 – You earn more money by creating more value for more people.

3:28 – Pay coaches more by helping them build their careers.

6:57 – The wrong way to pay coaches more.

7:33 – Figure out what you can afford to pay per class.

9:34 – What to do if that figure is too low.

11:42 – The ratios stay the same—so bake a bigger pie.

12:15 – Should coaches get paid the same amount?