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Lost in the Sauce: The Ethics of a TikTok Murder Investigation
May 5 2023
Lost in the Sauce: The Ethics of a TikTok Murder Investigation
TikTok crime sleuth Ken Waks finds himself in hot water as Texas Monthly opines that “what began as a baseless theory has turned into a social media frenzy—one with the power to frighten the public and hamper police investigations.” Waks has also been accused of leveraging his viral content to promote his FinTech start-up company, Foresyte, which he currently serves as co-founder and chief marketing officer.What is the cost of virality? Is it worth sacrificing one’s morals or ethics?LA-based writer and content creator Meredith Lynch joins The Business Communicators to offer her insights into the controversy driven by Waks’ investigation, his numerous brand plugs of Foresyte, and allegations that have surfaced on his since-deleted Twitter account that have racist, homophobic, and misogynistic undertones. The podcast further breaks down Foresyte, the company CEO Stephen Eddy’s string of deleted DMs and LinkedIn posts boasting about Wak’s TikTok exploits, and the Denver-based firm, Heinrich Marketing, who is providing $1 million in agency services (according to SEC filings) for the company.The show wraps by analyzing the actions brands must take when working with influencers, the dangers of cyber vigilantes, agency accountability, and lessons to be learned moving forward.Editor’s Note: The Business Communicators made multiple attempts to reach Foresyte, Ken Waks, and Heinrich Marketing for comment. According to SEC filings, Heinrich Marketing is Foresyte’s established marketing agency. Heinrich president and owner George Eddy is the lead investor. We received no response.Music Credit: Smoke (with Lostboycrow) – FeatherFOLLOW MEREDITH ON SOCIAL MEDIA 🎵 TikTok📸 Instagram🎟️ PatreonFOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 🎬 Facebook🐦 Twitter📸 Instagram📥 LinkedIn🎥 YouTubeSUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST🎙 Apple Podcasts🎙 Spotify💻 Website