In conversation with Renaud Laplanche, CEO & co founder of Upgrade

#PFF Fintech Founders podcast

Nov 23 2022 • 1 hr 50 mins

In this episode we meet Renaud Laplanche in his San Francisco office to share his ongoing journey in the Fintech industry. Renaud is a serial entrepreneur and many of us also know him because he was the founder of Lending Club. Launching a lending startup in the subprime crisis time was quite special, but in the end, as everybody knows, the story had fabulous moments leading to a record high Nasdaq intro end of 2014, and some trouble times 2 years later when he finally stepped down as CEO and left the company. Shortly after that he created another Fintech, Upgrade, now being another Fintech unicorn and facing a lot of traction.

Today we discuss of everything. EVERYTHING. And as usual, we are not focused on product or business promotion, but on his real entrepreneur life since he was a child working early the morning with his father to his latests experience with Upgrade. Believe me, as an entrepreneur Renaud has a lot of insights to share with the community, and his feedbacks on the ups and downs of his journey, the relations with investors and cofounders, the IPO, etc...  could be very useful to any Founder, not only fintech ones!

Teaser : did you know Lending club was not his first startup experience and that among other things one of his first entrepreneur journey was heavily impacted in a physical sens on September 11, 2001?

Make yourself comfortable, take a coffee and let's go for 110+ minutes of close and personal conversation with Renaud.

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