Wellbeing For Real Life - The Miracle of Movement

Wellbeing For Real Life

Jun 3 2021 • 23 mins

In this episode of the Wellbeing for Real Life podcast Dr Richard Pile and Dr Aseem Malhotra talk about movement, our natural state and the cure for much of what ails us.  They discuss the benefits of movement, the harms of inactivity (thought to be the same as smoking), and share their top tips for making movement a part of our lives.  If you like to watch your podcasts, you can see this episode on YouTube, usually within 24 hours of the podcast being published.

Richard is a GP specialising in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine, and author of "Fit For Purpose: your guide to health, wellbeing and living a meaningful life".  Aseem is a Consultant Cardiologist and passionate campaigner to improve the nation's health.  He is also the author of  books The Pioppi Diet and The 21 Day Immunity Plan.   You can find out more about Richard here and Aseem here.

Fit For Purpose is available from Harper Inspire in paperback, e-book and audiobook format, with Richard reading the audio himself.  Find out more here.  This podcast has been produced the brilliant team at  Monkeynut Audiobooks.