Getting cranky with the silverback of Minnesota Jay Adams of WEEKLY DEPOSIT EP.22

Weekly Deposit

Jun 24 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Welcome to this week's episode of 'Weekly Deposit'! Our guest today is Jay Adams, the owner of Cranky Ape, an innovative repossession company dealing in a variety of vehicles from automobiles to boats and ATVs. This graduate of Mankato State University in Minnesota, entrepreneur, mentor, father of 6, and husband is here to share his intriguing journey with us. To kick off the conversation, we pose a fascinating hypothetical to Jay: Who would win in a battle, an ape or 100 unarmed humans? Following this lively discussion, Jay walks us through the birth and growth of Cranky Ape, sharing some unforgettable repo stories along the way. We also dive deep into Jay's personal life, getting a peek into how he juggles his demanding career with a large family. Finally, Jay imparts some wisdom on the key factors that have contributed to his long-term success. Tune in for an episode packed with laughter, insight, and plenty of inspirational advice! Are you interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate in and around the Twin Cities area? Contact us today! Julian Scott // Superior Realty Group // Coldwell Banker Realty 651.500.4038 // Emran Baha // Superior Realty Group // Coldwell Banker Realty 612.272.3394 // Follow us on Instagram! or Facebook! To search all available listings in the Twin Cities, click here! 👉