Hitting it out of the Park-an Interview with Fernanda Beraldi

Great Women in Compliance

Jul 31 2019 • 26 mins

In this episode of Great Women in Compliance podcast, Lisa Fine had the opportunity to speak with Fernanda Beraldi, who is Senior Director, Ethics and Compliance at Cummins, Inc.  Fernanda started her career in Sao Paolo in Brazil, and started on her path to compliance when she was a junior attorney who worked on one of the first FCPA cases in South America and saw first-hand what can happen when people are not "walking the walk," even if the policies are strong. Fernanda came to the United States for a masters in law program in Indiana, and stayed in Indianapolis.  We discussed a number of different things, including:Overcoming assumptions from others, including those in her LLM program assuming she would be interested in immigration or other South America focused areas;Breaking down cultural barriers and stereotypes as a Brazilian woman in the mid-west United States and about her work-life balanceThe use of American sports lingo and slang in business and some memorable and funny moments and conversations Fernanda has had in the USYou can find the Great Women in Compliance at our home on the Corporate Compliance Insights website at  https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/great-women-in-compliance/and you can also search for it on itunes or your favorite podcast player.