The Aftershow After Party (formerly known as Unsung Unwrapped)

Nikki and Toya

Formerly the podcast Unsung Unwrapped. Join hosts and avid R&B music lovers Nikki & Toya as they review their favorite music documentaries. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Aftershow After Party podcast teaches listeners about the music industry and pop culture. Toya and Nikki are self-described music nerds. R&B and hip-hop music are their favorite genres. The duo offers listeners reviews of music documentaries with a difference.

The hosts discuss artists they believe are “unsung” and underrated. They give R&B and hip-hop artists the credit they deserve. Listeners learn about new music here. They'll hear about their favorite genre or discover artists. Episodes of The Aftershow After Party drop whenever they have a new item to review or an artist to share.

Toya is a multimedia journalist and podcast host. She also hosts The First Time I Heard... podcast, centered around music too. Listeners soon find out that Toya is also a Janet Jackson superfan. Cohost Nikki is a fellow R&B fanatic and podcaster. She adores Mary J. Blige. Like many influential hip-hop artists, the cohosts are both Philadelphia natives.

The podcast's original title was Unsung Unwrapped. Previously, the podcast was the audio afterparty for TV One's Unsung documentary series. Toya and Nikki dedicated each episode to an Unsung television episode. Now, under its new name, the podcast covers more than Unsung content. It explores a wide range of music documentaries. These include shows produced by the Lifetime channel.

This podcast is a welcome addition to any music fan's podcast playlist. It's also a definitive listen for fans of R&B and hip-hop. All episodes of The Aftershow After Party are available now on Amazon Music.

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