The Decision Doctor

Dr. Constance Dierickx

We all get stuck sometimes, especially when faced with a big decision. Help is here! Dr. Constance Dierickx and her expert guests will help you see how to avoid common mistakes on your way to making great decisions. Why do smart people make bad decisions? This question haunted Constance Dierickx, so she dug into the science of decision-making, leadership, and behavior to find the answers. She has advised over 500 executives on 5 continents in 28 industries and has observed excellence in leadership and management, some bad strategic decisions, and helped leaders in crisis. Now she and her guests will share stories from their experience and Constance will offer science-based advice that anyone can use to get unstuck and make the right decisions when the stakes are high. Get Unstuck. Decide. Act. The Decision Doctor is IN. read less