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When we think of white-collar criminals, we picture a CEO getting caught up in the latest financial scandal. But there is a subgroup within these seemingly nonviolent offenders who are never discussed in mainstream media - the white-collar criminals who kill. Join Catherine Townsend as she dives into the minds of these real-life American Psychos...who are often hiding in plain sight. This is Red Collar. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Red Collar podcast may keep listeners up at night to examine the faces of CEOs and politicians. Serial killers can hide anywhere and appear like anything. Most people expect white-collar crime to involve tax evasion or embezzlement. The reality is deadly. On this true crime podcast, Catherine Townsend investigates the killers some may never suspect.

Since she is a private investigator, this makes her a good true crime host. She traces the clues people leave behind. She brings that passion to Red Collar. Catherine loves to solve mysteries. She's written for The New York Post, The Atlantic, The Independent, and other prestigious publications.

Catherine reminds listeners that white-collar criminals do more than steal one's money. They may be subtle, but their crimes are bloody and brutal. On Red Collar, listeners will hear horrifying stories of actual murders.

Today, people know the names of famous killers like Jack the Ripper. But the names of many go unmentioned in the news. Sometimes the print is small, and people forget the names within days. Catherine tells the stories of these unknown criminals in each episode. Names of murderers and victims include Peter Porco and Ed Shin. Then there's millionaire Chris Smith. His family assumed he was partying with models when he went on a deadly dream trip. Chris was young, good-looking, wealthy, and had found love. It wasn't until a year after he set sail that they found human tissue under a carpet and began to learn the truth. Was business partner Ed to blame?

In another episode, Catherine investigates an all-American family murder. In 2010, an entire family disappeared from their home. For years, people theorized about where they might have gone. Yet they hadn't gone far at all. Their dead bodies lay in the nearby California desert. In “Murder on Fifth Avenue,” Catherine tells the story of Linda Stein. Linda suffered a deadly beating in her brownstone apartment. While many might suspect a man of such a crime, could her demure personal assistant be the assailant? Listeners will have to find the answer on Red Collar.

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