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199 – Outsourcing Prep/Pack/Ship Warehouse – Nathan Bindschatel of My Prep Center Interview
Jul 31 2023
199 – Outsourcing Prep/Pack/Ship Warehouse – Nathan Bindschatel of My Prep Center Interview
Being an Amazon seller is hard work. It requires a healthy amount of physical labor, and most notably, it consumes so much valuable time. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. As a seller, you can outsource your prepping, packing, and shipping. This will free up some time for you to find new ways of increasing your income even further, and your family will be grateful to have the garage space back! In today’s episode, Stephen sits down with the founder of My Prep Center, Nathan Bindschatel, to discuss why every Amazon seller should consider using a prep center for their Amazon FBA business. Nathan explains why he chose to open his prep center, the services that My Prep Center offers, and the company’s process for receiving inventory. He also goes into how My Perp Center responds when something goes wrong, like receiving damaged goods. Our guest then dives into the undeniable benefits of using a prep center before explaining what sets My Prep Center apart, how they onboard new clients, the values that this family-run business holds dear, and so much more. My Prep Center has certainly been the solution to our Amazon FBA prep/pack/ship needs, and with a 25% discount on all My Prep Center services for new clients, they might be the perfect fit for you, too! Show Notes for this episode - The Full-Time FBA Podcast Page - Subscribe to the Full-Time FBA Newsletter and get some helpful freebies -