Crazy (Sustainably) In Love

Hopefully Sustainable

Mar 22 2021 • 51 mins

This week, we are talking about the intersection of relationships and sustainability! Jaiko is speaking with four couples who are navigating how sustainability fits into their everyday lives and decisions! First, meet Carolyn & Yair who met during an internship in Savannah, Georgia. They are going to discuss how sustainability impacts their decision making as a couple in addition to honoring cultural differences. Then, Jaiko is speaking with Julia Campbell who has been with her partner, Connor, for ten years! As Julia and Connor recently moved in together, she is going to give advice on how to compromise and lovingly convince a partner to be more sustainable. Next, meet Mackenzie and Ethan who have been together for eight years and are located in Atlanta, Georgia! While Mackenzie and Ethan find different ways to incorporate sustainability into their lives, they ensure that they have fun along the way. Finally, Jaiko speaks with Kat Schaich who is married to her partner, Noah. Both Kat and Noah work in the sustainability field and bring sustainability into their personal lives as well whether it’s biking to church or composting. Whether you are in a relationship, live with roommates, or live with your family, each couple provides great advice on how sustainability can fit into a variety of lifestyles. Also, if you are trying to convince a partner, roommate, or family member to be more sustainable, each couples shares examples from their own lives of how to navigate those conversations. Look for more information about today’s episode on Instagram @hopefullysustainablepod. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com.