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Hosted by Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick, along with famed guitar journalists Andy Ellis and Joe Gore, Chasing Frets is a weekly look at the craft of guitar playing.
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Jeff Daniels on Songcraft
Jan 8 2021
24 mins
Jeff Daniels on SongcraftJeff Daniels’ 6-string Secrets of the ScreenJeff Daniels: "I Steal Left and Right From People"Mentorship and ApprenticeshipFate or Hard Work … and Maybe a Little Luck?The 12 Commandments of Julian LageGuitar, Meet OrchestraSome of My Best Friends Are DrummersFrets and FilmSturgill Simpson's Secret WeaponBluegrass at BerkleeDon't Be Scared of Small FretsJim Campilongo Is a Guitar Student for LifeWhere Charlie Parker Meets Buck OwensFear and Loathing on the Album TrailThe Beauty of Bossa NovaWho Do James Taylor and Paul McCartney Call When They Want Jazz?7-String Guitars Aren't Just for DjentDon't Just Play the Blues ScaleAll the Nuances—Except the Technical Ones