15 | Here to make a positive change | with entrepreneur James Yau

The Unconventionals

Mar 28 2023 • 40 mins

Welcome to our podcast episode with James Yau, where we explore innovative solutions for the agriculture industry. Our guest today is a seasoned management consultant with over 24 years of experience working in over 26 countries. He has worked with governments, private sector organizations, family offices, and multinational corporations such as Koch Industries, Bank of America, Cargill, Merck & Co., Tyson Foods, and Power Corporation of Canada.

In the past decade, his company has successfully designed, operated, and managed 52 projects from concept to exit while consulting over 200 farms globally. By utilizing data, metrics, and precision farming technologies, they have helped bring these farms online and optimize their operations.

As project manager, he oversaw daily operations of over 500 workers and assets under management worth over USD 500 million in start-up investments in the Asia Pacific region. They have also established B2B and B2C one-stop solutions delivering 65 million kg of exported goods annually for the past 9 years.

Join us as we discuss the challenges that independent growers and family-owned farms face, why blockchain technology is the key to change, and how we can work together to create a better future for agriculture.