Ep. 37 - Mastering Your Financial Mindset with Aimee LaLiberte

A Better Way

Feb 2 2022 • 35 mins

Aimee LaLiberte is a Profit First Professional and the owner of My Virtual CFO, a finance and bookkeeping firm dedicated to helping business owners manage their numbers without losing their mind. Having worked in non-profit and finance for over 16 years before starting her own firm, Aimee currently uses her extensive financial experience helping businesses uncover blind spots, build a plan to help course correct, and - ultimately - become more profitable. Aimee is also mom to 3 school-aged kiddos.

Join Courtney and Aimee as they chat through:

  • Why having a healthy money mindset is really the first step to running a profitable business
  • What a money system is and how to put one in place to keep your business (and personal) finances on track
  • How to avoid surprises (i.e. large tax bills) with your money system
  • What a profit-first business is and why you should consider structuring your business this way

Connect with Aimee:

Website: www.myvirtualcfo.co

The Finance Edit Waitlist: www.myvirtualcfo.co/thefinanceedit

First Two Chapters of Profit First: https://www.myvirtualcfo.co/pffreebie

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