Ep. 27: How to Launch & Grow A Sustainable, Ethical Business with Shannon Lohr

A Better Way

Nov 3 2021 • 41 mins

A seasoned mompreneur, Shannon Lohr has over 10 years experience building and running successful businesses while growing and raising her family. Nominated as a “Woman of Note” by the Wall Street Journal, Shannon can currently be found leading Factory 45, an online business school that helps idea-stage entrepreneurs launch fashion brands that are sustainably and ethically made.

Join Courtney as she chats with Shannon about:

  • How to run a profitable business without compromising on brand ethos
  • Why progress over perfection is key to getting out of the idea stage and into the execution stage
  • How to minimize risk and maximize impact through pre-selling
  • Why it’s important for our kids to see us running our business and working towards our goals

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