Episode 62--How BOTH Meditation AND Medication Can Support Your Mental Health with Bryan Piatt

The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Jun 8 2022 • 55 mins

This week, we talk to Bryan Piatt.  Bryan is the host of the Take What Serves. Leave the Rest podcast.  Bryan is also a former TV news anchor in the Twin Cities who now serves as a mental health advocate as both a breathwork Facilitator and meditation guide.  Bryan is currently enrolled in grad school to become a therapist so that he can continue supporting the wellness of others.  Bryan is here today to share his mental health journey as well as speak to his experiences with both medication and meditation.

We ask Bryan:
--Your podcast is called “Take What Serves.  Leave the Rest.”  That’s such a great title, so I’d like you to share the idea behind that title.
--On your podcast, you openly talk about your mental health concerns, so we’d love for you to share your story with our listeners as well.
--How has your mental health journey influenced your decision to become a therapist?
--What are you learning about yourself during this time, what are you noticing about the clients you’re seeing at this time, and how do you navigate the potential desire to project your own experiences onto your clients?
--You talked about the role medication has played in your mental health journey.  Can you elaborate on that for us?
--One thing you talked about on your podcast is the stigma around medication, and if Brian and I are being honest, we have spoken out against the use of medication.  I think for the two of us, it’s more of a personal experience kind of thing (and for me I believe that medication is too often over-prescribed or used before truly assessing the whole picture of the patient), but one thing you said in the podcast that I really liked is that it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” scenario, and you’re an example of that because you both use medication but you also practice meditation and yoga.  In what ways do these all complement each other to serve your wellness?

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