Summer Session 5--What to See and Do in Jeju Island and Busan, South Korea

The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Aug 3 2022 • 48 mins

In this week's session, Billy is doing his first ever solo episode, which is a perfect time to talk about his adventures around the Korean coastlines. Billy takes us to the island of Jeju, the beaches of Gangneung and his favorite hiking spots in Busan. He also shares stories of the people he met and the connections he made along the way.

Billy shares with us:

--his realizations about romantic relationships, being in the present, and romantic idealism

--Korea hiking recommendations

--a perfect two-day travel guide to Seongsan, Jeju Island

--yummy eats in Korea, chasing waterfalls, communication barriers, connecting to strangers, and understanding cultures.

--Jeju island travel tips

--What to do and see in Busan and Gangneung

Check out:

Jeju Olle Trail

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