Episode 118--On to the Next Chapter

The Mindful Midlife Crisis

Dec 27 2023 • 37 mins

Journey's end and new beginnings intertwine in this heartfelt farewell to the Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast as Billy and Matt toast to three transformative years. With nostalgia as our companion, I stroll down memory lane, reflecting on the peaks and valleys traversed in pursuing purpose and passion. Transitioning from a microphone to a classroom, I unveil the joys of my upcoming adventure—empowering adults in Seoul with the art of business English. Infused with the insights of my mindfulness meditation teacher certification, I explore the philosophies that now steer my educational approach. As we bid adieu to this podcast, I thank you, our listeners, for embarking on this journey with us, reminding you to continue cherishing personal growth and life's ever-evolving beauty. Take care, friends.

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