Part 1: A Thorough Analysis of the Child Vaccine Schedule

Moms Off The Record

Feb 15 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

In this comprehensive two-part series we leave no vaccine-related stone unturned. We delve into the history of vaccines, review a sample vaccine insert from the childhood immunization schedule taken straight from the FDA, and weigh the risks, benefits, pros, and cons so that YOU, the parent, can make the most informed decision for your child. We all have a shared goal: keeping our babies SAFE, and we recognize the approach we take toward achieving that may look different for each parent.

  • Disclaimer: 00:02:48
  • Kat’s “why”: 00:04:20
  • April’s “why”: 00:13:01
  • Values:  00:15:00
  • Milgram experiment 00:16:00
  • History of corruption: 00:19:20
  • Thalidomide 00:20:25
  • Ozempic 00:21:00
  • Smoking while pregnant 00:22:28
  • Obesity drugs for kids:  00:26:33
  • Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition: 00:28:45
  • The new food pyramid?: 00:30:25
  • History of the vaccine schedule: 00:33:48
  • Hep B controversy: 00:42:08
  • NCVIA 00:45:51
  • VICP 00:48:18
  • VAERS: 57:13
  • Vaccine ingredients & excipients: 1:01:00
  • Polio & monkeys 1:09:00
  • Vaccine excipients- 1:15:00
  • Statistical risk of disease/illness vs. vaccine 1:18:00

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