Stay at Home Mom or Work from Home? You Asked, We Answered!

Moms Off The Record

Sep 22 2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Since we’re not fans of the term “stay-at-home mom” because of its implications that the mom doesn’t really “work” but rather just chills out at home, we’re comparing our lives as a full-time mom at home vs. a full-time working (in the traditional corporate sense) from home mom. That was a mouthful!

Context: Kat resigned from her high-pressure, corporate career two months prior to her son’s birth and never returned to work- by choice- and he is now 14 months old (at the time this episode aired). April returned to her full-time corporate career in a work-from-home arrangement when her daughter was 4 months old. April’s daughter is weeks away from her first birthday (also at the time of this episode airing).

We discuss the highs and lows, pros and cons, what we are looking forward to the most, and what we are grateful for with our respective situations. We also share our tips for moms on how to vet high quality and trustworthy childcare at the end of this episode.

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