Healing Hormones and Improving Fertility with Acupuncturist Dr. Holly Durning

Moms Off The Record

May 19 2023 • 52 mins

Ever wondered what acupuncture actually entails aside from placing needles in your body, and why so many people swear by it?

We sit down with Kat’s acupuncturist, Dr. Holly Durning, to discuss:

How Kat was able to improve her menstrual cycle and successfully become pregnant thanks to Dr. Holly working her magic and sans any pharmaceuticals

Before you go the IVF or IUI route, why giving acupuncture an honest chance is well worth it

The impact that disharmony has on your bodily systems and how acupuncture can help

How acupuncture helps with pregnancy maladies such as morning sickness

Can acupuncture really help you go into labor?

Why postpartum moms may also want to consider acupuncture

Dr. Holly’s take on collaborative care with Western medicine practitioners - yay or nay?

How and why acupuncture is the gold standard at healing and balancing your hormones, and all the more reason for you to ditch the pill and your IUD if you haven’t already

Dr. Holly’s favorite patient miracles and success stories

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