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Join The Livegan Podcast with hosts Kevin Lahey and Ben Le Roi, as they interview inspirational leaders in the animal rights community and help vegan activists become more effective.
Kevin is an ex-undercover investigator with CARE and Mercy for Animals
Ben is co-founder of Nation Rising read less
E83: A New Beginning, Livegan Reborn
Jan 6 2021
E83: A New Beginning, Livegan Reborn
A New Beginning, Livegan RebornTonight we welcome Vegan Activist Alliance (VAA) as our new host. While we will miss our audience and the podcast, we couldn’t be happier for the new chapter of Livegan. Thank you all for giving us  an amazing three years. We hope that you stay on to listen to the exciting and informative episodes VAA has lined up, and get to know an organization we regard very highly due to our shared vision and values. About the founders: Eloi­sa Trinidad is a total liberation activist and organizer focusing on animal rights and human rights. She uses her career in business development to work on campaigns for social good, such as The Economist Feeding the Future campaign which aims to get consumers thinking more about environmentally sustainable approaches to food production and consumption by educating them on plant-based foods, reduction of plastic use, and reduction of food waste.Eloisa’s path towards activism and veganism started early in life. She was raised by centennials who lived off the land, taught her to be self-sustainable, and passed down much ancestral knowledge to her. This shaped her views of empathy for all Beings, protection of our sacred Earth, and the belief in the healing power of plants.She is Co-founder at Vegan Activist Alliance and serves on the board of directors at Plant Powered Metro NY and on the advisory council at The Vegan Museum. She is NY Chapter President at Hip Hop is Green, a vegan organization that supports the transformation of urban youth and their communities through veganism, music, and the arts.  A food justice activist, she focuses on making veganism accessible to communities in need through her work at Chilis on Wheels. Recently, she started pandemic relief efforts that led to providing ongoing assistance to public school students and to hundreds of families across New York City’s most impoverished neighborhoods.Eloisa lives in New York City and her favorite food is fruit. She is an artist and a volunteer at Tamerlaine Animal Sanctuary. Tom Wramage is Co-founder at Vegan Activist Alliance, he has been vegan since 2015 and shortly after became an activist. He has been organizing educational outreach for about 3 years and participates in several local grassroots groups as well as The Save Movement vigils.   Tom is a strong community builder and believes that total liberation / collective liberation is pivotal to the animal rights movement while always centering the animals.Tom resides in New Jersey with his wife where they raise a vegan three year old son who loves animals and is already inquiring about being an activist.  In his free time he enjoys gardening and is a total vegan foodie who enjoys going to all the amazing vegan restaurants in the tri-state area. Vincent Reardon is Co-founder at Vegan Activist Alliance and admins various Facebook vegan groups exclusive to the New York City area. He believes community building is one of the most powerful and important ways to sustain any social justice movement, including the animal rights movement. He has been vegan since 2015, and an activist and educational outreach organizer for over three years. Vince loves to travel and often makes activism a part of his vacation plans.  His activism includes both animals and humans. A native and lifelong New Yorker, he loves the NYC vegan restaurant scene, but considers himself a foodie not an influencer.  Vince is an avid baseball fan and has witnessed games at 16 of 30 current Major League Baseball Ballparks and plans to see all 30 over the next several years.
E81: Food Deserts with Samantha Salmon
Jul 18 2020
E81: Food Deserts with Samantha Salmon
Samantha Salmon is an Integrative Nutrition Coach that specializes in helping women lose weight, balance blood sugar and release stress and anxiety for total optimal health. She is the founder of and the Raw Food Health Empowerment Podcast. She is also the author of the book, You Can afford to Be Healthy. After getting a degree in economics from New York University and opening a raw vegan organic juice bar in Chicago, she went on to receive her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She is currently the co-chair of the Good Food Economy Working Group for LA Food Policy Council, one of the largest food policy councils in the country, and on the board of directors for a nonprofit called Feed Our Soul that provides gardening workshops and culinary classes to students and produce giveaways to families in underserved communities.Samantha's recommended resources:Racial Disparities in America during the CoronavirusMehrsa BaradaranThe Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth GapThe Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated AmericaBook by Richard Rothstein1619 podcast by Nikole Hannah Jones, reporter for New York Times The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander13th on NetflixSupersizing Urban America: How Inner Cities Got Fast Food with Government Help by Chin JouSamantha's site: LA Food Policy Council support The Livegan Podcast by leaving a review or supporting us here: The Livegan Podcast Facebook PageThe Livegan Podcast Instagram Page