Inspiration from the Couch

Avery Hoenig, PhD, Jamie Wilson, PhD, and Lucy Smith, PhD

Ever wonder what tools and advice psychologists are inspired to use in their own lives? Join Avery, Jamie, and Lucy, three psychologists, and moms, as they discuss what they’ve figured out, what they’ve yet to figure out, and what there’s just no figuring out. Through our stories and pearls of wisdom, we hope we can inspire listeners to connect to themselves and others more mindfully, authentically, and powerfully. It’s sure to be fun, and you may learn a little something along the way!

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Ep 50: Distracted
May 12 2022
32 mins
Ep 50: DistractedEP 49: Teen FrienshipsEP 48: Making FriendsEP 47: What's SoEP 46: Swimsuit Season
Avery, Jamie and Lucy get pretty vulnerable in this episode. We each talk about our own experiences with diet culture, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. We review some of our favorite sources of inspiration and information on this topic and talk about a few helpful questions to consider: How much space do thoughts about diet and body size take up in your life? If you were able to clear some of that space, what else would you be thinking about? What do you value? What are your top priorities? At your funeral, what will people remember about you? What do you find beautiful in other people? Bring 5 people to mind that you love and adore – why do you love and adore them? We also talk about strategies that help us to pull our focus away from our bodies: Writing love notes to yourself about things that are not body-centered (I am strong, I am grateful, I am loving) and paying close attention to who you are following on social media can really make a difference in how you see yourself. Following a variety of individuals with a variety of body types helps us recognize that there really is space for every BODY. Do try this at home:Steps to having a swimsuit ready body: Have a body, Put on a swimsuitPut yourself in situations that challenge your notion of who is able to do what. When you see what you are capable of doing, it can help you to see yourself in a broader view. Diet culture is woven into many aspects of our lives and we are often not aware of it. If you haven’t heard the phrases “diet culture” or “anti-diet”, you may want to get a better understanding by looking them up or checking out the resources below. As you start to intentionally notice all the ways that diet culture shows up in your life (advertisements, conversations), you can shift away from it and challenge it. We invite you to be an advocate for change in your own life.  Resources:Maintenance Phase https://www.maintenancephase.com/ Food Psych https://christyharrison.com/all-episodes The Body is Not an Apology https://thebodyisnotanapology.com/Fuck It Diet https://thefuckitdiet.com/ Beyond the Shadow of a Diet https://judithmatz.com/books/beyond-a-shadow-of-a-diet/
Mar 17 2022
27 mins
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