GUEST: Stever Robbins, "Deeply Contemplate our Commonality"

HR Latte

Jun 28 2022 • 36 mins

Dynamic Stever Robbins joins host Rayanne to talk about Energy, Mentoring Youth, Diversity, Pride, and finding our Commonalities. Such a fascinating conversation with Stever - we talked about: • Continually Learning • Pride Month - How far we've come • How an Ally can show support: VOTE! • How to respond to homophobic remarks • Educate people as best you can • The secret to "roll along" with life • Self-help for our minds • "Loving What Is: The Work of Byron Katie" • Just let go • How you view the world is based on your personal experiences RESOURCES Book: "Loving What Is: The Work of Byron Katie" Streaming Services: Find a movie or documentary about the LGBT experience, watch is several times until you see it as a story. How to reach Stever Robbins: • • And on LinkedIn: •