#12 The World is in Flux, Are You Ready to Adapt?

Attributive Security

Sep 21 2021 • 39 mins

The last two years have seen changes that few were prepared for. In the aftermath we can argue whether it was a black swan, grey rhino, or octarine unicorn event but ultimately once the overture is done what matters is your ability to adapt to the new world order. Even if you had a specific plan in place, as such events unfold the situation will likely evolve in unpredictable directions.

Over time, change external to your sphere of control is inevitable. Some changes are large shocks that affect nations, regions or the entire world. Some only affect certain industries or a subset of business in an industry. While mitigating and planning response to known, but uncertain, events is important it is also important to avoid assumptions about future states and to build organisational structures and processes that can adapt no matter what comes over the horizon.

In this episode, we discuss being Adaptable and Adaptive. Listen to our conversation to hear our thoughts on the maybe subtle but important differences between these very similar terms.