Attributive Security

Martin Hopkins, Maurice Smit

There is often a lot happening in the world of cyber security: new threats, new exploits and new products. Don’t get us wrong, there is a lot of cool technology, and we appreciate that. But, at least on the surface, a lot of the defensive advances look to be very bottom up and technology focused. It is easy to lose sight of the context, what matters to us that we want to protect, and yes even enable. Join us as we get together for unscripted conversations about a broad range of topics and relate them to cyber security. We’ll draw on various disciplines, and our own experiences, as we discuss ideas and practical approaches to tailored information security. We won’t be afraid to challenge one size fits all and best practice norms, or the misapprehension that bespoke security frameworks are infeasible for all but the biggest of enterprises. Be prepared to reimagine what an effective cyber security program can look like when it is engaged with and aligned to the business.

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