Gregory Krupinski — Multiple timeframe swing trading framework

Smarter Trading

May 31 2021 • 47 mins

Hello everybody, our guest today is Gregory Krupinski. Greg has been trading markets for about 20 years, all while working a full time job, raising kids, and continuing to find time to learn and improve his process.

In this episode we talk about having balance, juggling real life responsibilities with actively trading markets, and how Greg makes it happen.

He stresses the importance of keeping things simple, using daily and weekly charts, and how fewer but slightly bigger position sizes help him focus and really pay attention to what he owns.

Please enjoy this conversation with swing trader Gregory Krupinski.

Key learning points

  • How Greg uses multiple time-frames to spot and refine trades
  • Why consolidations are important to see in trade setups
  • The more you stare at markets the more likely you are to make impulse trades
  • Accept the fact you are going to miss a lot of trades working full time job
  • Larger position sizes help you focus on a position a more
  • Focus on process in order to limit impulse trades

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:30 Gregory’s background and entry in markets
  • 6:30 Current day framework of multiple time-frame analysis
  • 8:50 How Gregory finds stocks and holds positions in his portfolio
  • 16:00 Market bottom up analysis and entry criteria
  • 21:00 how to make juggle full time job with trading
  • 20:00 reward to risk and how to know