TuringTrader’s Felix Bertram — An engineer's approach to investing in the stock market

Smarter Trading

May 10 2021 • 53 mins

TuringTrader’s Felix Bertram joins us in Episode 3 of Smarter Trading to share his quantitative approach to investing in the stock market.

We discuss why he decided to build a backtesting engine from scratch, the importance of tools and rich reports for traders to truly understand how they’re doing, ingredients to profitable momentum trading systems, and a whole lot more. Please enjoy this episode!

Key learning points

  • Traders need comprehensive reports and tools in order to measure and improve their strategies
  • It’s important to consider how efficient your allocating your trading capital
  • Markets like to throw surprises that you can’t possibly account for ahead of time
  • Running a meta-portfolio of separate strategies reduces the chances all strategies fail at the same time
  • Focus on one simple market concept at a time without making it too complicated
  • Markets are not as efficient as people make them out to be
  • Backtesting strategies unlocks insights that would take a discretionary trader decades to learn
  • Tips on getting started to code and testing trading strategies
  • Always compare a strategy performance versus a benchmark

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:35 Felix’s background
  • 4:05 Felix realizes professional money managers weren’t doing that great
  • 6:40 How Felix begins investing his own money: breakout strategies
  • 10:30 Felix realizes he needs better reports and more metrics to improve his trading