How full is your dance card?

Inside Job with Vee and Pam

Jul 6 2023 • 37 mins

How do you feel about saying no? Are you constantly pushing yourself to squeeze Just One More Thing into your calendar? Then this might be for you.
This week we're talking about the impact of constantly saying yes and leaving no room for no. We discuss the value of creating space in our lives, not to squeeze in more doing but to provide opportunities for more being.  Pam and Vee bring up self care (surprise!), intention, some tactics we're mixing into our daily routines, and the ways this awareness ripples out to other areas of our lives. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Sidebar: thank you so much for all the love and support you've shared with our friend Jim! You can read more about his current situation here, and be sure to read his latest update! Any and every kind of support is most gratefully welcomed, and we thank you from deep in our hearts. xoxo

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