The Contracting Handbook

Straight Ahead Construction

On The Contracting Handbook podcast we talk about running a construction business whether you're a general contractor or a subtrade. In this podcast, host Mike Knoche, talks to contractors from all over the world about operating their construction company. We are tradespeople before we are businesspeople and there is no blueprint out there for us when we take this leap of faith to start our own business. It's the if I knew then what I know now moments about starting and operating a construction company recorded and shared. But, The Contracting Handbook podcast doesn't stop there. It's the true stories and the lives of the people who build and maintain our communities and now come together to build a better construction community. On the contracting handbook podcast there are no trade secrets there's only sharing of information on how to better our companies, ourselves and bring more people into construction and the skilled trades, in general. Join the conversation, it's our legacy!