Getting to Know Us: Inside Punchmark & The Smithee Group

In the Loupe

Sep 14 2021 • 37 mins

You've heard from Mike, Evelyn, Cody, Ross, Ben, and others; now it's finally time to get to know your favorite cast of In the Loupe on a deeper level. This episode will dive into a perhaps surprising topic (but then again, we don't really pull punches when it comes to divulging our company secrets on this podcast!). Take a look into the leadership at both Punchmark and The Smithee Group and see how we run our companies, when leadership roles might shift depending on the topics, and why our 20-something-year-old employees are able to contribute equally to our more senior company members. We hope you'll take some ideas from this episode on how to use the unique skills of different generations to your advantage and what makes good leaders.