April 2021 Horoscopes: Monster Moon Mania

Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast

Apr 8 2021 • 39 mins

Get excited for Aries season! And make sure to live your life in the first part of this month because when the monster moon comes on April 26, who knows what will happen! Susan Miller herself can’t even tell us what to expect.   In this episode, Laura and Alex continue to be confused about Susan’s posting habits (she was on time again and it wasn’t even an April Fools’ Day prank) and work through their fears about the ominous monster moon in Scorpio that will bring unexpected and unwelcome obstacles and changes to all of the signs. They discuss Susan’s note to her readers, geezers versus geysers, Scorpio hate, and of course, all of Susan’s practical advice for getting through the monster moon and the pandemic.  Horoscope highlights for each sign can be found at the following timestamps:  Aries: 6:46 Taurus: 11:30 Gemini: 15:44 Cancer: 17:41 Leo: 19:29 Virgo: 21:36 Libra: 22:35 Scorpio: 23:32 Sagittarius: 29:19 Capricorn: 30:52 Aquarius: 33:16 Pisces: 35:12 Practical advice from Susan Miller: 36:25 Share your own thoughts on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone with us (and let us know about your experience with the monster moon!) by emailing astrologyzoned@gmail.com. Links: Order “If You Really Love Me, Throw Me off the Mountain,” by Erin Clark, a strong and powerful Aries woman: https://www.erinclarkwriter.com (https://www.erinclarkwriter.com) Help Laura reach the full potential of her Susan Miller legacy by buying her romance novels: http://lauralovelybooks.com (http://Lauralovelybooks.com) Listen to Laura’s other podcasts, The Mermaid Podcast and You’re Doing Great, at: http://mermaidpodcast.com (http://mermaidpodcast.com) and http://fairybossmother.com (http://fairybossmother.com) TRANSCRIPT:  Laura: Hello, everybody! Welcome to April 2021. We made it this far! Yay! Alex: Hi everyone. Hi Laura! Laura: Oh, hi Alex! Alex: How are you doing? Laura: I think I'm okay but then I read our horoscopes and now I have some concerns for something, but you know, I think we'll get through. We’ll talk about why we're scared, but also I feel like we've lived through so much already that maybe I shouldn't be so scared, but I don't know, I got nervous. Alex: The fact that we have lived through so much and we're scared though maybe says something. Laura: Maybe it says something. Yeah, yeah. Well let's get into, as usual, when Susan Miller released the horoscopes for April. Again, another surprise. Another surprise, she released them on April 1. Wow. And I think, you know, last month in March we were so shocked because she released them a day early and that was really out of character and now it was just on time. So you and I agree that that while we don't like it and we're perturbed by her promptness— Alex: Extremely Laura: Extremely—we are just going to now keep track of like this streak and see how long it goes and also if we ever get an answer about why it's after 25 years she's suddenly become prompt with her horoscopes. It's a mystery. Alex: Right, so it's like a challenge. Susan, can you keep this up? But also why? Laura: Also why? Yeah we don't know why is it happening. Alex: Why are you doing this to us? Laura: Yeah why you're doing this, what’s changed about your process, what's going on. But she released them on time. It was April 1. I had just gotten my second dose of the vaccine and I was really out of it so it took me a few days to read. But now we have and I think we should start off with the note from Susan Miller. Alex: Yes, so she starts off the note by saying: April will be a good, cheerful, and productive month until we get to the monster full moon in Scorpio on April 26. I know. And then she wrote: I know I am writing this on April 1, April Fool's Day, and I wish I were pranking you. This full moon will be no joke. Laura: Oh no, but see I got scared. Alex: It’s incredibly ominous but also I was wondering if she like crafted this and she was like, Oh, this is...