November 2021 Horoscopes: Keep Your Cool

Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast

Nov 16 2021 • 44 mins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCORPIO!!!! Unfortunately, though, the planets are not showering you with presents and good wishes. In fact, they’re only bringing trouble to the signs this November.  Laura and Alex begin this episode by apologizing to their listeners about the terrible, flippy floppy forecasts that they must relay this month. The gals then talk all about Susan’s Note (now called “News”?!?!), which is entirely about another of Susan Miller’s exciting business ventures (oh, how far we have come since CBD fizzy water!). Laura then delves into Taurus’s horoscope and tells us about everything surprise-a-minute Uranus is up to (nothing good) and everything that the Taurus must contend with during the new moon (again, nothing good). Alex wraps us with Scorpio’s forecast, which is not full of birthday fun, but warnings of possible bad news and unwanted events brought on by that bad boy Uranus and the new moon.  Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps:  Note from Susan Miller: 02:10 Taurus: 11:00 Scorpio: 21:56 Share your own thoughts on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone with us by emailing Links: Read each episode’s transcript at our website: ( Help Laura reach the full potential of her Susan Miller legacy by buying her romance novels: ( Listen to Laura’s other podcasts, The Mermaid Podcast and You’re Doing Great, at: ( and (