March 2022 Horoscopes: Life-Changing Events

Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast

Mar 14 2022 • 40 mins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PISCES!!!!!!!  And welcome to the world, baby Oliver! Susan announced that a new little Pisces joined her family in February. And while Laura and Alex are overjoyed by this news, they have a lot to say about the fact that the horoscopes weren’t published until March 5, leaving them to fend for themselves not only during this month’s new moon, but also on the luckiest day of the year.   In this episode, Laura and Alex dissect Susan’s Note, which is chock full of gems, including how she helped her daughter after baby Oliver appeared on the scene, staffing changes at Astrology Zone headquarters, and her thoughts on the lengthy approval process for her Year Ahead 2022 e-book (yet to be published…). The gals let Pisces, the ruling royalty of the zodiac, know all the good things that February will bring (love! money! perfume!), and break down the forecasts for Taurus (it’s career time) and Scorpio (get ready for true love–again).  Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps:  Note from Susan Miller: 01:50 Pisces: 12:35 Taurus: 21:37 Scorpio: 29:42 Share your own thoughts on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone with us by emailing astrologyzoned@gmail.com. Links: Read each episode’s transcript at our website: http://astrologyzoned.com/ (astrologyzoned.com) Help Laura reach the full potential of her Susan Miller legacy by buying her romance novels: http://lauralovelybooks.com (http://Lauralovelybooks.com) Listen to Laura’s other podcasts, The Mermaid Podcast and You’re Doing Great, at: http://mermaidpodcast.com (http://mermaidpodcast.com) and http://fairybossmother.com (http://fairybossmother.com)